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Upstate Records is an independent underground hardcore and metal record label founded by Mario and Kim Cangemi in November, 2017.  Upstate Records is based out of Upstate, NY and has worldwide distribution outlets in Europe, Australia and Japan as well as digital distribution arrangements with all the major online download and streaming providers.


Upstate Records founding principle is to help artists take their music to the next level. Upstate Records is a family owned record label and treats each of its artist as a family.  Trust and loyalty, no egos, no rock stars.  Upstate Records works hard to promote and distribute its artists.

New and exciting things are happening every day for Upstate Records.  In 2020, Upstate Records became the first independent label to partner with Blood Blast Distribution, further strengthening their reach with digital  distribution.


Upstate Records is more than just a label.  We offer a variety of in-house services that help our artists succeed with increasing their “brand”.  Such services include: mixing and mastering, merchandising, video production, social media promotion campaigns, graphics and tour booking.