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Metallic Hardcore

Band Members

Matt Mex - Vocals

Len - Guitar

Justin - Guitar

Mitchell - Bass

Mike P - Drums


August 26th, 2018 – Upstate Records is proud to announce the signing of New Jersey Metal/Hardcore juggernauts, DISSENT!!! The signing also marks the release of their latest release, ATHAME, a four-song EP that will clearly signify the bands most mature release to date.

Formed in 2016, DISSENT have evolved into a prominent name in the hardcore scene, synonymous with brutal breakdowns, thrashy metallic riffs and pounding rhythms. Their relentless passion to reinvent themselves and evolve as songwriters is effectively captured within the confines of “ATHAME”. "ATHAME” is edgy, evil and violent. Recorded, mixed and mastered by DISSENT’s very own guitarsist, Len Carmichael, at his well-renowned studio, Landmine Studios (NJ), ”ATHAME” immediately punches the listener in the face. The first track, The System, storms out of the gate in a fury of vehemence and does not yield until the very last note of the closing track, The End of Hope. The recording is loud, aggressive and natural sounding. Mitchell Fletcher, bassist for the band, describes ”ATHAME” as ”unrelentingly dark, pissed-off and heavy”. Mitchell adds an eloquent piano piece L’more Non Muore Mai to round out the delivery of this sure to be metal/hardcore classic.

DISSENT have been featured on the most leading metal/hardcore fests of recent times, including; THIS IS HARDCORE (2017), EAST COAST TSUNAMI FEST (2017), MOSH AGAINST ADDICITON (2018) and MOTOR CITY FEST (2018). DISSENT have toured with ALL OUT WAR, WORLD OF PAIN, LAID 2 REST, ABSOLUTE SUFFERING and have shared the stage with MADBALL, KNOCKED LOOSE, CODE ORANGE, CROWBAR, WISDOM IN CHAINS and many others. DISSENT are geared up and poised to take their music to the next level. DISSENT are currently working on a full-length album to be released through UPSTATE RECORDS in late 2018/early 2019. Look out and take notice, DISSENT are on the move…

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