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New Jersey
FFO: Metallic Hardcore

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Band Members

Jeremy Hamilton – Vocals, Garrett DeFalco – Guitar, Tito Valentin – Guitar

Mitch Fletcher – Bass, Jake Blochinger – Drums



Hailing from the Garden State of New Jersey, GRACE goes hard with its metallic hardcore style of fight riffs.  This quintet of heavy music scene veterans, consisting of members of Suburban Scum, World Demise, The Banner and Dissent, is charged up with a full tank of octane to bring a fresh perspective on that classic 90’s style of crossover hardcore.


Forming 2018 and releasing their two songs on Bandcamp in November 2019, Grace took advantage of the pandemic to finish up their official EP release.  Teaming up with Upstate Records in 2021, Grace are in position to unleash their assault on the masses.  


The Self-Titled EP is nothing short of a brandishing style of metallic hardcore.  Fans of Meraurder, All Out War and Arkangel will be sure to gravitate towards the aggressive sound of Grace.  Lyrically, Jeremy Hamilton delivers powerful messages about the struggle to persevere during the darkest moments of life.  Overcoming loss, betrayal and manipulation are the signs of the times and Grace package it up in a powder keg of aggression.


In 2022, Grace hit the studio again to record "Wasteland" with Len Carmichael at the prestigious Landmine Studios.  Wasteland will be available digitally through Bloodblast Distribution on July 15, 2022. 




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