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Inner Turmoil




Band Members

James - Vocals
Nick - Guitar

Todd - Bass
Jeff - Drums


Inner Turmoil is a quintet hailing from Pennsylvania’s State Capital, Harrisburg. The band itself began as just a recording project to be done to celebrate the third sobriety anniversary date of drummer Jeff Zalesak. Quickly remembering he is terrible at every position in a band besides playing drums he quickly enlisted help. With a few song structures laid out James, Todd, and Keith jumped on board to help write. The first time everyone entered the storage unit Inner Turmoil calls home. It quickly changed from old friends and an idea for a recording celebration of sobriety, to an energy and feeling that had to become something more. 


Writing and practicing became constant. The first single was recorded on the original date but as a band that had so much more to come. Recording for the bands freshman release was underway and the bands first shows approached quickly. With a full time schedule as a sound engineer for touring bands and local venues keith, the original bassist, had to part ways because of scheduling conflicts. Todd switched to Bass. The bands shows have been played with the core 3 members and fill guitarists. Though early in the bands career shows have amounted a great deal of love and support. The band has shared stages with bands such as Integrity, Steel Nation, In Cold Blood, Purgatory, Enemy Mind, Gloves Off, and Departed!


The 3 core members just finished recording their Sophomore release “Raised Through Aggression” Following up “Trapped At Birth” and continuing the time line of the band growing, and growing up through troubled times. 

IT_Raised Through Aggression_Cover.png
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Hi Res Logos and Band Pics

Inner Turmoil
Inner Turmoil Logo
Inner Turmoil Logo
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