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Kings Never Die - "Its What We Live For" CD

Kings Never Die - "Its What We Live For" CD

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Kings Never Die

NYC, New York


Hardcore, Punk, Rock

Band Members

Dylan Gadino - Vocals
Larry "The Hunter" Nieroda- Guitar
Dan Nastasi - Guitar

Jay Kalfin- Bass



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Kings Never Die
Kings Never Die
Kings Never Die
Kings Never Die
Kings Never Die
Kings Never Die
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KINGS NEVER DIE from New York & NJ arrived on the Hardcore Punk-Rock scene in 2019 with their debut EP “Raise a Glass” just moments before the COVID Pandemic shutdown the entire music industry.   Although a large chunk of touring and immediate future plans we’re derailed, that did not slow down their debut release from putting a mark on the hardcore, punk and metal scene.  “Raise A Glass” was immediately felt and spent seven weeks on the prestigious Coretex Records Top 20, was named “Record of the Week” and topped out at Number 4!  An energizing accomplishment for a new band’s debut release and virtually with zero touring support of the record.


Despite the challenges imposed upon the music industry by COVID and upon their personal lives, Kings Never Die remained very active and has a full plate on tap for 2021, starting with a follow-up EP, “It’s What We Live For”, consisting of three new tracks and two remixed/remastered tracks from their “Raise A Glass” EP.  Joining forces with the legendary mixing engineer/producer Jerry Farley (Sick Of It All, Madball) and Laz Pina (Ill Nino), Kings Never Die’s “It’s What We Live For” EP is sonic barrage of classic infused punk and hardcore with tasty, memorable melodies, neatly packaged in a powder keg of high intensity of explosives.


Nobody knows the effects of COVID better than guitarist/song-writer Dan Nastasi who lost his father to COVID in September 2020.  “It’s What We Live For” first single, “Pure Gold” is a memorable tribute to Nastasi’s father.  Nastasi reflects, “We thought it was important to release a few tracks that we recorded during 2020 that, most importantly, we love, and wanted to share with everybody while we are gearing up to record our upcoming full-length.  There’s really nothing anyone can do about the lost time this past year brought, or the pandemic, other than keep working and doing what we love to do.  It’s the character that my father instilled in me”.


Other new tracks on their upcoming “It’s What We Live For” EP are “Minor Threats” and “We Got Tonight to Fight”, which features a vocal guest appearance by longtime friend and historical hardcore figure, Ratbones.  The EP is rounded out with remixed versions of “Never Know What You Might Find” and “Raise a Glass”, featuring and co-written by Agnostic Front’s Vinnie Stigma & Mike Gallo.  “It’s What We Live For” features drummers Steve Gallo & John Milnes, both exceptional drummers with rich musical resumes.  Kings Never Die expresses the utmost gratitude to both John and Steve for providing the backbone for the band and helping to get KND off the ground on their first two EP releases. 


In April 2021, Kings Never Die will be featured on the highly anticipated upcoming Pitchfork Hardwear and Drew Stone Films “A7- Back to NYHC Roots” compilation vinyl release, featuring 17 prominent hardceore and punk bands.  Their single, “Stand For It All”, has been herald as an immediate  future hardcore classic by within the NYHC tight knit circle.  


With all that is in motion, Kings Never Die is preparing to enter the studio with acclaimed producer Jerry Farley and begin recording their much-anticipated debut full length album.  Adding to the mix, Kings Never Die are proud to have one of the most influential drummers to come out of the NYHC scene, Danny Schuler of Biohazard will be adding his signature drumming style and will be recording the full-length with the band.  Those that have heard the band with Schuler’s work and input behind the drum set say, “Old & new Kings Never Die fans should expect nothing less than 12 classic true-to-form hardcore tracks”. 


In speaking with guitarists Larry “The Hunter” Nieroda and Dan Nastasi, they clearly expressed, Kings Never Die is a fresh start for everyone, and they want Kings Never Die to completely stand on their own regardless of their rich resume of previous bands they have been in.  Nastasi writes, “This is only about what you are doing now, although we love and respect the people and bands we have played with in the past, the music we have written with and for them, people should only judge us on what we are doing now and the people we are doing it with”.  Nieroda adds, “Of course we hope people who enjoyed what we’ve done individually in the past dig it, but make no mistakes, there are no shortcuts or riding on past successes.  We have cultivated this band from the ground up, we’re putting the work in together. This is our family, we all share the same vision and goals.  Kings Never Die is who we are now”. 


KINGS NEVER DIE is all business about being true to the art and music they create, together and believing in themselves how they are doing it.  They do not claim to be re-inventing the wheel here, but the unique sound of the music and vocals speaks for itself.  At the core, the future musical direction will be even harder than their previous releases but keeping the big, chant-like sing-along vocal style is memorable with angry yet most importantly insightful, meaningful, and uplifting lyrics content.  Vocally, Dylan Gadino holds it down, supplemented by Nastasi’s vocal presence, strategically overlaid to compliment Gadino’s delivery.  Dan Nastasi is as solid as a rhythm guitarist gets and when Larry “The Hunter” Nieroda peppers in his tasty leads and melodies, the outcome is an amalgamation of aural provocation.  Bass player Jay Kalfin meticulously compliments the rhythm section with perfectly timed bass lines that round out the multi-layered delivery of Nastasi and Nieroda.


Expect to see a lot of noise about KINGS NEVER DIE in 2021.  Going to be hard to miss so be sure to check it out.                                                                        

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