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Luca "Pigo" De Simone (V), Edoardo Nicoloso (G), Roberto Sava (G), Francesco Marenghi (B), Riccardo Nicoloso (D)



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GRAVERY: Rising from the fog and smog in Milan, Italy the band Gravery emerged to set a new standard in violent and straight forward aggressiveness.

The outfit originally formed in December 2022 by Edoardo "Edo" Nicoloso (Fulci, Jorelia, Omens Before Hysteria) and Luca "Pigo" De Simone (Total Recall, Embrace Destruction, Samaritan) immediately started to write no compromise tracks addressing uncomfortable topics such as the analysis of the destructive potential of the human mind related to serial killing violent events, from the point of view of the serial killer itself.

Gravery decided to use a rough, direct and disturbing sound to outline these themes giving birth to 6 songs that hit straight in the stomach and leave no room for interpretations by the listener who is further stunned by the aggressiveness of the low tones and the merciless breakdowns.

Gravery recorded an EP that leaves no room for interpretations of their real intentions, as can be easily understood from the title chosen by the band: “Everything that is Born must Die”

The EP was recorded in Autumn 2023 at the MK2 Recordings Studio by Davide Billia (Antropofagus, Putridity, Hour of Penance), vocals fury were unleashed at the Rudimental Studios by Davide Panigada (Jorelia, Omens Before Hysteria) while the mixing was delivered by Steph “Orkid” Santi (Lacuna Coil, Lvcifyer) at the SPVN Studios.

The final touch were given by Chris Whited (Bodysnatcher, Traitors) at the 1776 Recordings Studio assuring to this malevolent masterpiece a dose of pure adrenaline fear.

Gravery is ready to unleash this fury to the masses while they already are actively promoting their malevolent and darkened Downtempo Beatdown Deathcore tunes across Europe and UK. Go check their live schedule and you will probably see that you can catch them on a stage near you.

If you are into Bodysnatcher, Traitors, Strangled, Cultist and everything in between then Gravery is the answer you are looking for.

Are you ready for this?




6/01/24 - Il Cantiere 40/3 - Arese, IT

7/27/24 - Heartbreakers - Southampton, UK

7/26/24 - Exchange - Bristol, UK

7/27/24 - The Star Inn - Guildford, UK

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