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Hailing from the gritty cornfields of Indiana, PISS ANT are strapped with their fingers in the ready position to unload their official debut Summer Promo ‘23 upon the masses. Their corn-fed brand of obnoxiously violent metallic hardcore beatdown represents the angst of a generation that is tired of being pissed on and are locked and loaded to be that voice of change. Following in the steps of Sunami, Kind Eyes and These Streets, PISS ANT have gassed up their John Deere for an aggressive takeover with their upcoming Summer Promo ‘23.


Track Listing:

01. Intro To Kill

02. Blue Lies ft. Cell

03. Fuck Twelve ft. Shortest Life

04. 260 Style

05. Zipper Lips

06. Force Fed ft. Molech

Piss Ant "Summer Promo '23" Tape

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