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Track Listing:

  1. Switch (remixed/remastered)
  2. Sometimes Dead Is Better 
  3. Our Place In Time 
  4. Revolution Rising (remixed/remastered)
  5. No More Ashes (remixed/remastered)
  6. Signals
  7. Pass The Torch (remixed/remastered)
  8. Killing Floor
  9. Plague (remixed/remastered)
  10. Ghost
  11. Traitor (remixed/remastered)
  12. Keep Trying


1Switch (remixed/remastered)
2Sometimes Dead Is Better 
3Our Place In Time 
4Revolution Rising (remixed/remastered)
5No More Ashes (remixed/remastered)
7Pass The Torch (remixed/remastered)
8Killing Floor
9Plague (remixed/remastered)
11Traitor (remixed/remastered)
12Keep Trying

Silence Equals Death - "I'll See You On The Other Side" CD

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