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Ricky (v), Fizz (g), Vic (g), Ray (b), Drew (d)



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A 5-piece band from Northern California that formed in 2016. After a couple of years of line-up changes and playing local shows all throughout California, they began touring out to nearby States and eventually expanded further across the United States. Their latest single sees the group pushing towards a heavier product of Metallic Hardcore stamped with their own ethnic brand of street culture. Be on the lookout for a new EP coming out this year with the usual bombardment of weekend runs and tours What does Hardcore mean to us? Being from different hoods and being into Hardcore always kinda made us feel different from mainstream society in a way where we couldn't connect with the norm while still being completely rooted in the ethics of street culture. It's that kind of background that helped us see and accept what hardcore was at a young age. It's ruthless yet passionate, fun but in-your-face. That's kind of what always kept it underground and sometimes, not for everyone, but 100%Authentic. These days, that's all you can really ask for.


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