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Karl Buechner (v), Erick Edwards (g), Thom Turner (g), Ed Ordez (b), Ethan D Henry (d)



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Hailing from Syracuse, NY, Freya was formed in 2001 by three members of Earth Crisis’ bassist Ian Edwards, lead guitarist Eric Edwards and vocalist Karl Buechner.  When Earth Crisis temporarily concluded, members split into three separate bands; Freya, percussionist and guitarist Dennis Merrick and Scott Crouse, respectively, formed Slave One and all five Earth Crisis members continued on with their reactivated project band, Path of Resistance.


Over the past 20 years, Freya have blazed a path through both the worldwide hardcore and metal scenes.  Prominently featured on MTV’s Room Raiders, Road Rules and the iconic Headbangers Ball as well as the Showtime series, Shameless, the Freya vault runs deep with their soon to be seventh release, Fight As One, since their inception. Freya’s discography has been featured in Kerrang!, Decibel, Amp and Metal Hammer for their unique sound, a well-crafted amalgamation of darkened New York style hardcore with a generous dose of thrash metal stirred into the mix. 


“Freya is the perfect vehicle for us to cross over sonicly into uncharted regions, to combine styles and retell the timeless stories of the heroes and villains from both the history and folklore  of Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  It's an endless well to draw from”.  (Erick Edwards, Final Word Fanzine). 


With countless concerts, festival dates and highly successful worldwide tours behind them, Freya have earned their place in the pantheon.  Over the years, Freya has toured with Walls of Jericho, All Shall Perish, Born From Pain and Sworn Enemy as well as sharing the stage with Andrew WK Napalm Death, DRI, Behemoth, Crowbar and Hatebreed.


As the band approaches its 20th anniversary for their first release, As the Last Light Drains (Victory Records, 2003), Freya have returned to their roots with a pulverizing new full-length album, entitled Fight As One.  Two decades of composing, recording and performing is indeed a special milestone for Freya, and with no signs of slowing down.  


“Everyone in the band unified and composed some outstanding material together.  Tom and Ethan poured everything they had into making Fight As One a truly powerful offering”, says Karl Buechner.


Freya are joined by three legendary hardcore front-men on their newest album; Freddie Cricien (Madball) delivers a crushing performance on the title track, Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) seethes on Sense of Doom and Scott Vogel (Terror) drops the hammer on Thousand Yard Stare. 


Be on the lookout for concert dates and Freya's epic new release, Fight As One, in mid-2023 on the mighty Upstate Records!



As the Last Light Drains - Victory Records (2003) 

Hoods/Freya Split - Victory Records (2004) 

Lift the Curse - Victory Records (2007)  

All Hail the End - Victory Records (2010) 

Paragon of the Crucible - Deadlight Records (2013) 

Grimm - Fastbreak Records (2016)

Thousand Yard Stare (Single) Upstate Records (2022)

Fight As One - Upstate Records (2023)


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